Since 1918

Over a century of
sound innovation


Serato S-120 DJ

The Ortofon- Serato S-120 represents a completely new way of constructing and designing cartridges. Its breakthrough techology has been designed to provide maximum freedom for DJ performance.

An innovative technology, called asymmetric suspension, takes the cartridge performance to the next level.


MC Quintet Series

Each of the five Quintet Series cartridges has its own individual sonic expression, and all five models together represent the ensemble of five classic variations.

The five Quintet cartridges in this succes series are worthy of succesors to the long line of models that has made Ortofon the global leader in manufacturing and supplying of phono cartridges.


Ortofon's 95 year Anniversary

The new Exclusive Series Anniversary MC A95 cartridge was introduced. A world-class moving coil cartridge launched to commemorate the 95th Anniversary of Ortofon’s technical leadership in the audio industry.


Danish Technological Institute award

Ortofon received the DTI (Danish Technological Institute) award "3D Print Series Production Prize 2015" for having been the "first movers" in mass production with the Selective Laser Melting technique - starting back in 2008.

As a recognition of the company’s successful development and significant positive impact on local society, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the Prime Minister of Denmark, visited Ortofon factory April 27th 2015


MC Windfeld Ti

the MC Windfeld Ti phono cartridge, a stellar addition to our esteemed Exclusive Series.

Harnessing revolutionary Selective Laser Melting technology, the MC Windfeld Ti boasts a titanium core. This innovation enhances both the structure's rigidity and the cartridge's weight, ensuring an unparalleled listening experience.

MC Windfeld Ti wins Product of the Year Award

...Sonically, the Ti allows a listener to play nearly every album in his  catalog without being bothered by any sins of commission. This ability to play whatever, whenever, is one of the MC Windfeld Ti's biggest assets. If you value high neutrality and high resolution, low coloration and low distortion, and tracking ability that rivals the best moving magnets, then this outstanding new moving coil is for you...

The Absolout Sound

Product of the Year Award


Ortofon's 100th anniversary

Few companies reach the milestone of a centenary, but Ortofon is among them. Celebrating our remarkable journey, the Ortofon 100 Years Anniversary book is a testament to our legacy in acoustics.

With deep pride, we share this heritage with our loyal customers worldwide, unveiling a captivating story of innovation and groundbreaking products that have shaped the history of Danish acoustics.


SPU Century

A masterpiece meticulously crafted with innovative design and heritage in mind. It is built upon Robert Gudmandsen's visionary concept and boasts a magnetic system that embodies the essence of the original design.

Elevating both modern and vintage standards, it features cutting-edge Selective Laser Melting manufacturing, 5NX Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper wire, LW-800S lead wires, and a nude Shibata diamond stylus - considered one of the best stylus profiles available.


MC Century

The MC Century represents the absolute top of Moving Coil cartridges. This state-of-the-art product truly exemplifies the highest degree of performance possible in contemporary analog playback technology.

Featuring Titanium housing, high-performance iron-cobalt alloy for the magnet system, advanced armature damping, Ortofon Replicant 100 diamond for unmatched tracing accuracy, and a diamond cantilever ensuring the best stylus-armature interface.

  • Concorde Century

    2018: This iconic cartridge, emblematic of Ortofon's pioneering design, was relaunched in celebration of the centennial year, continuing the brand's legacy of innovation.

    Its full, relaxed sound with depth and detail makes it a perfect choice for any music genre. Easy to mount on S-shaped tonearms, this cartridge offers a seamless blend of form and function, embodying Ortofon's legacy of excellence.

  • Concorde MkII Generation

    2018: Revolutionary DJ cartridges featuring five redesigned models tailored to meet the diverse needs of vinyl DJs - MIX, DJ, CLUB, SCRATCH, DIGITAL

    Step into a legacy where experience meets innovation. The Concorde MkII Series Collection isn't just a continuation; it's a celebration of how far we've come and a promise of the incredible audio journey that lies ahead.


The Vinyl

Comprising manufacturers, dealers, record companies, and enthusiasts, The Vinyl Alliance is dedicated to elevating the status of vinyl records in the digital age.

Through global visibility and collaborative initiatives in research, quality, and marketing, the Vinyl Alliance empowers the industry and its members worldwide.


Technological advancements
and partnerships

Through relentless technological innovations and strategic partnerships, we pioneer the future of audio excellence.


MC Verismo

The MC Verismo, a state-of-the-art cartridge, is crafted with expertise in vibration properties, magnetism, mechanical design, and technologies.

It features an Ortofon Replicant 100 diamond, a diamond cantilever, and a Titanium body crafted with the SLM technology, complemented by coils with gold-plated, 6NX oxygen-free copper wire.


Prestigius EISA

The Ortofon 2M Black LVB 250 clinched the prestigious EISA Award for Best Phono Cartridge 2021-2022.

Every year, the EISA Awards celebrate those new products that combine the most advanced technology and desirable features with class-leading performance.


Concorde ELITE

Concorde ELITE is a world-class DJ cartridge that elevates sound quality to unprecedented levels. This cartridge features a special-molded gold-plated stylus body and a Nude Elliptical diamond on a rigid Alminium-Magnesium cantilever, ensuring stable and accurate trace performance.

With components normally found in HiFi cartridges, the ELITE delivers powerful, detailed sound reproduction and superior tracking performance.


MC Diamond

MC Diamond, our most exceptional phono cartridge yet, offers an unparalleled vinyl experience.

Designed with a titanium body, optimized magnet system, diamond cantilever, and new rubber suspension featuring advanced Multi-Wall Carbon Nano Tubes, the MC Diamond redefines audiophile standards, providing unmatched stability, playback, and sound quality.


2MR cartridge series

Ortofon launched the 2MR cartridge series, which features a specially designed cartridge housing tailored for turntables and tonearms like Rega, matching their requirement for low-form factor cartridges. With its low cartridge housing, it seamlessly integrates without a need for modifications or spacers under the tonearm, enabling quick and easy mounting with just two screws.

Ortofon 2MR cartridges feature unique Ortofon technologies like a high-performance quad coil motor system with split pole pins, Proprietary Ortofon premium and high-end rubber dampers, and full compatibility with the Ortofon 2M series styli.