The essence of musical collaboration

Introducing the
MC Quintet Series

A symphony
of innovation

Just as a musical quintet harmoniously weaves together different instruments, the MC Quintet series fuses cutting-edge technology with the artistry of sound reproduction. Born from a commitment to create cartridges that resonate with audiophiles on a profound level, this series embodies the essence of musical collaboration and unity.

Accurate insight into each recording

MC Quintet Black S

The Quintet Black S will be unfettered by musical genre and will give the closest approach within the Quintet Series to Ortofon’s true accuracy in sound.

Bringing space, depth, and detail to the sound

MC Quintet Blue

The Quintet Blue's sound image will tend to more smooth reproduction compared to Quintet Red and moderate dynamic strength compared to Quintet Bronze.

It features a Nude Elliptical diamond mounted on an aluminium cantilever.

The essence of musical collaboration and unity

The MC Quintet Series