Since 1918

Over a century
of sound innovation


The origins
of movie soundtracks

Danish engineers, Axel Peterson and Arnold Poulsen, founded Electrical Phono Film Company, pioneering sound recording technology which allowed to add
soundtracks to the silent movies of the early 1920s.


Sound recording revolution

Ortofon transformed the audio landscape, marking milestones such as pioneering sound recording for the world's first sound film, introducing the mono cutterhead, and evolving into a leading producer of sound reproduction cartridges.


The first Moving Coil cartridge

The world's first MC (Moving Coil) cartridge incorporated advanced materials and engineering for improved performance and durability.

It became a popular choice among high end audio enthusiasts.


The iconic SPU (Stereo Pick UP)

The company launched the egendary SPU cartridge, praised for its exceptional sound quality and precision.

SPU became an industry standard and is produced in different models until today.



Ortofon spearheaded pioneering innovations in phono cartridge technology, revolutionizing magnetic systems and refining materials to achieve unparalleled advancements in audio reproduction.


Audio evolution never stops

Ortofon marked significant innovations, introducing the SPU Meister Silver cartridge for audiophiles and advancing DJ cartridges, all while celebrating notable anniversaries that underscored our enduring commitment to excellence in sound reproduction.

  • 1992

    Ortofon introduced the SPU Meister, a tribute to Robert Gudmandsen s 50 year legacy at Ortofon. Celebrated as the father of SPU (Stereo Pickup), Gundmandsen was also awarded by the Danish Queen Margrethe II with a prestigious merit medal.

  • 1996

    Ortofon unveils the SPU Meister Silver, a masterpiece crafted by the visionary Robert Gudmandsen. Our heritage shines anew with the revival of SPU Mono CG Di and CA Di cartridges, faithfully engineered using the exact technology from their groundbreaking debut in 1948.


Ortofon’s 80th anniversary

In a tribute to 80 years of audio mastery, Ortofon introduces MC Jubilee. It features a unique exterior design and an interior construction based on numerous technological advances in the service of your listening experience.

Amazing tonal neutrality, dynamics and purity of sound of Ortofon MC Jubilee set new standards for potency, detail, consistency and sound staging.

  • 1980s

    The original Concorde cartridges changed the landscape of vinyl DJing, and Ortofon began to develop and manufacture DJ cartridges for Club, Hip hop and Scratch application.

  • 1999

    Ortofon introduces Scratch cartridges for DJs who exact perfection. We obtain a leading position as a manufacturer of DJ Scratch cartridges.


Entering the second century
of sound innovation

New century of innovation

Micro-mechanical powerhouse

Ortofon evolved from a film tone lab in 1918 to a key player in the gramophone industry in the 1940s.

Since the 1980s, our product development has been shaped by significant advancements in materials and processing technology.

Today, Ortofon is globally recognized for its high-quality phono cartridges and components for medical and hearing aid industries.

  • 2000

    On the occasion of Johann Sebastian Bach's 250th anniversary, Ortofon proudly unveils the Kontrapunkt phono cartridges.

    Our profound expertise in analogue sound reproduction mirrors Bach s timeless music a testament to the endless depth of the analogue record.

  • 2004

    Ortofon releases Rondo cartridges, which feature a unique wooden construction, a challenging yet excellent material choice for acoustic products.

    Inspired by Japanese ecorative art traditions, Rondo models boast a fresh aesthetic. The precise integration of wood and motor units ensures a seamless and rich sound experience.


2M Series

Clients can experience audio perfection with Ortofons new 2M (Moving Magnet) Series cartridges, inspired by the elegance of diamonds.

Beyond their stunning design, these cartridges are engineered to the highest standards, offering precise, coloration free reproduction.

The 2M Series sets a new standard in unparalleled sound fidelity, gaining popularity amongst audiophiles.


MC Windfeld

A tribute to Ortofon's departed engineer Per Windfeld, who had for more than 30 years been a feature of the high-end culture as the head of development behind amazing cartridges such as the Ortofon MC 20 Super, Concorde, MC Rohmann, MC Jubilee, Kontrapunkt Series.


Mastering audio

Ortofon celebrates its 90th anniversary, establishes an innovative Microtech division, and continuously introduces and improves tonearm and cartridge products.