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  • Ortofon A/S 

    Ortofon Headquarters & Factory

    Stavangervej 9

    DK-4900 Nakskov, Denmark

    CVR 17015028

    Ortofon Acoustic Hub 

    Axeltorv 5, 2.

    DK-4700 Næstved, Denmark

  • Ortofon Inc.U.S. Subsidiary 

    500 Executive Blvd

    Suite 102

    Ossining, NY 10562P

    hone: (914) 762-8646   

    Fax: (914) 762-8649

  • Ortofon Japan Co., Ltd.Japanese Subsidiary

    113-0034 Tokyo

    Bunkyo, Yushima, 2

    Chome−2−6, 6F

    Phone: +81 3-3818-5243