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Introducing the SPU Series

A proud history since 1958

In 1958, Ortofon introduced the world-famous SPU stereo cartridge. Today, music lovers worldwide recognize our deep involvement in the history of analog reproduction. Our commitment to producing the SPU for over half a century reflects the enduring appeal and craftsmanship of this design. The SPU remains the sole Ortofon stereo cartridge in continuous production since 1958, earning a reputation for outstanding analog sound reproduction that is second to none.

Perfect all-rounders for the newcomers to the world of SPU

SPU #1 E

The SPU #1 E and S models are a remarkable embodiment of the classic Moving Coil technology, offering an ideal solution for playing back a wide range of stereo recordings, from the early classics to modern and contemporary pieces, with an outstanding price-to-performance ratio.

Unrivaled perfection


The SPU Royal G MkII provides a playback experience that embodies the essence of analog, with generous refinements which bring the legendary SPU cartridges into the realm of unrivaled perfection.

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