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Concorde Music

Tailored for
music lovers

Concorde Music stands as an icon of design and musical dedication, inviting everyone to elevate their journey with the level of accuracy in sound which has become characteristic for every Ortofon cartridge.

Tailored for music lovers, incorporating a straightforward installation, premium sound, and a timeless design. Concorde Music stands for a commitment to musicality.

Incredible sound

Enjoy the authentic

music experience

Make music matter with phono cartridges built for perfection. Designed to make you feel music and experience authentic.

  • 2MR Series

    Ortofon 2MR features a specially designed cartridge housing tailored for turntables and tonearms like Rega matching their requirement for low-form factor cartridges.

  • Cadenza Series

    Step into the world of authentic music production with moving coil cartridges from renowned Cadenza series.

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with accuracy in sound

Get closer to the music you love. Handmade for the ultimum listening experience, delivered with a passion for innovation and craftsmanship.

Ortofon DJ Hub

Your one-stop for everything DJ

Explore the Ortofon DJ Hub, your ultimate resource for seamless DJ setups, insightful articles featuring renowned DJs, and step-by-step tutorials on mastering the art of DJing.

Whether you're fine-tuning your equipment, seeking inspiration from industry experts, or learning the ropes of DJing, our hub is designed to cater to your every need.

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No matter where you are on your musical journey we can guide you to the best cartridges for you, your turntable and your musical journey.

Must have accessories

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and ready for use

Everything you need to maintain and enjoy your vinyl collection now and in the future.

Extend the life of your phone cartridge by keeping your vinyl clean, correctly installed and ready to use.

  • New ortofon accessories

    Introducing the new Ortofon Record Stabilizers and Cartridge Alignment Tools.

  • Ortofon record brush

    Designed by the Danish industrial designer Møller Jensen Innovation and Design, a must-have accessory for any music enthusiast.

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