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What are
the factors?

When choosing a tonearm for your turntable, two overall factors have to be taken into account: the connector type and the tonearm length. The connector type plays an important role in establishing an optimal mechanical connection between the stylus, tonearm, and turntable.

A popular choice

Universal Connector

The universal connector, or SME connector, is a versatile choice that allows for easy interchangeability between cartridges from different manufacturers. It provides greater flexibility in cartridge selection and is favored by those who prefer the option to experiment with various cartridge options.

The hi fidelity choice

Integrated Headshell

This design integrates the headshell and tonearm into a single unit, which doesn’t require another connector; hence, no extra loss can accrue. Integrated headshell tonearms offer advantages such as improved rigidity and reduced resonance, contributing to enhanced audio performance and fidelity.

9-inch vs. 12-inch Tonearms

What is the best
length for a tonearm?

Tonearms are available in different lengths, primarily 9 inches and 12 inches. Understanding the benefits of each length and matching it to your turntable's specifications is essential. A 9-inch tonearm is the standard length and is suitable for most turntables. It offers excellent tracking ability and is commonly found on a wide range of turntable models.

If you have a smaller- or medium-sized turntable, a 9-inch tonearm is likely to be the ideal choice. The 12-inch tonearm is commonly used with larger, high-end turntables. This longer length provides increased tracking accuracy and reduced distortion. If you have a larger turntable with a spacious plinth, a 12-inch tonearm may be the perfect option for you.

A whole new level of tonearms

Explore the Ortofon
Reference Tonearms

Since 1953, Ortofon has been designing tonearms with the philosophy of combining craftsmanship and technology. The Reference tonearms are the culmination of decades of experience and expertise in the field of audio engineering, combining exquisite design, precision manufacturing, and attention to detail. The result - beautifully designed tonearms that deliver outstanding performance.

  • Ortofon AS-309R 12" tonearm

    A prime example of how Danish design philosophy and Japanese craftsmanship can produce a truly exceptional product.

  • Ortofon AS-212R 9" tonearm

    A highly versatile accessory designed to cater to the needs of many turntable owners. It is available in two lengths.