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Introducing Concorde Music

The world’s most iconic design

Building upon a rich legacy which began when we launched the original Concorde, the Concorde Music holds a storied history as one of the most famous cartridges in the world of audio. Originally developed as a solution to the challenge of easy mounting on a tonearm without screws or wires, the Concorde's unique design earned the Danish Industrial Design Award and became an icon in the audio industry.

Concorde Music Red

Balanced and dynamic sound quality

Concorde Music stands as an icon of design and musical dedication, inviting everyone to elevate their journey with the level of accuracy in sound which has become characteristic for every Ortofon cartridge. Experience balanced and dynamic sound quality with the Concorde Music Red.

Concorde Music Black LVB 250

Effortly honest, musical, and detailed

The Concorde Music Black LVB features a Nude Shibata Stylus on a Boron cantilever, ensuring unrivaled accuracy and fidelity.

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