The finest cartridges on the market

Introducing the Exclusive Series

True accuracy
in sound

The Ortofon Exclusives series cartridges are widely acknowledged as some of the best Moving Coil cartridges on the market. We are continuously working on expanding the Exclusives range to offer music lovers even more opportunities to experience the supreme quality, precision, impact, and dynamics that a high-end reference cartridge conveys.

The most authentic experience in the world

MC Diamond

Truly exemplary of the highest degree of performance possible in contemporary analogue playback technology. 

Reveal music’s true inner emotions

MC Verismo

The MC Verismo has been developed based on our extensive knowledge of vibration properties, different shapes and materials characteristics, as well as competences in magnetism, mechanical design and technologies.

The MC Verismo will undoubtedly provide sound which simply has to be experienced.

ortofon Exclusive Series

The high-end class