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Detailed cartridge setup guide

Aligning MC Versimo

This video is an advanced and highly detailed review of how to set-up your MC Verismo correctly. Leif Johannsen, Ortofon's Chief Officer of Acoustics and Research, explains how to correctly set-up and align your cartridge by taking you through six main steps. If you have invested in one of our Exclusives Cartridges, this comprehensive video is crucial for making the cartridge perform its best.

Set up your cartridge

Turntable with
integrated headshell

In this video, Leif Johannsen explains how to set up and align your cartridge on a turntable with an integrated headshell. By following the five main steps in the video, you will ensure that your vinyl system is performing its best.

How to upgrade within the 2M Series

The iconic 2M Series

In this video, Leif Johannsen, an expert in the field, takes you on a journey exploring the renowned Ortofon 2M series. Back in 2007, when Leif joined Ortofon, he had the opportunity to collaborate with then-Chief Engineer Per Windfeld on the development of the 2M Series. Together, they worked diligently, and their efforts resulted in the creation of the extraordinary 2M Series.

Leif Johannsen will guide you through the ingenious color-coding system invented by Ortofon, provide insights into the unique characteristics of each 2M model, and offer suggestions for upgrades within the 2M series. Join us as we delve into the world of Ortofon and uncover the intricacies of the exceptional 2M series.

Replace and upgrade your OM with a 2M

How to replace
your cartridge

In this video, Leif Johannsen explains how to upgrade your system by installing a new cartridge. Replacing your existing cartridge with a new one can seem like a complicated process. Luckily, this is not the case. Leif takes you through the process of both dismounting your current cartridge and mounting a new one, while explaining the similarities and differences between the OM 5E and 2M Red.

Set up your cartridge

Turntable with
detachable headshell

In this video, Leif Johannsen explains the process of setting up and aligning a cartridge on a turntable with a detachable headshell. The term "detachable" indicates that the front part of the tonearm, which is where the cartridge will be mounted, can be removed. This feature allows for easier cartridge installation and adjustment. The detachable headshell is commonly referred to as a universal connector on the tonearm.

Replace or upgrade your 2M cartridge

Rediscover your
vinyl collection

If you have an old phono cartridge or notice that your music doesn't sound as it used to, it might be time to consider investing in a new stylus to replace your existing stylus. By replacing your worn-out stylus with a new one, you will immediately notice an improvement in the sound quality of your records. Not only that, but a new stylus can also extend the life of your vinyl collection by reducing unnecessary wear and tear caused by a worn-out stylus.

  • Did you know?

    After about 1000 hours of playbacks on your turntable, your stylus starts to wear out. The wear of your stylus happens gradually and can be difficult to notice, as the sound quality will slowly lose its accuracy and authenticity. You might notice increased surface noise or distortion, a loss of high-frequency detail, or a general lack of clarity in the sound. It's maybe time for an upgrade.

  • Explore the 2M Styli Series

    The 2M series is built on our philosophy of accuracy in sound. All our experience, know-how, technology, and innovation has gone into making it the series that lets you hear the music the way the artist intended. In every piece of every cartridge we strive for perfection, and when the technology can’t deliver the quality we want - we invent something that can.