The art of cartridge manufacturing

How we produce
Moving Coil cartridges

Explore our legacy of innovation

Pioneering analog
sound since 1948

Moving Coil (MC) cartridges are highly regarded for their extraordinary detail retrieval, unparalleled musical sound, and unrivaled clarity and precision. The Moving Coil system embodies a general excellence, unveiling significant opportunities to develop and refine the cartridge. This consistently earns MC cartridges acclaim as the world's finest, capable of reproducing every note with accuracy.

Crafting perfection in Moving Coil cartridges

Ortofon's sonic evolution

Ortofon's legacy of resilience and dedication to refining analogue sound quality is
exemplified by its continuous innovation in the realm of cartridge development.
A remarkable journey unfolded from the debut of the first Ortofon cartridge,
the MC Mono-A, developed by Holger Christian Arentzen in 1948. This marked a
pivotal chapter in Ortofon's pursuit of sonic perfection.

Ever since its inception in 1948, Ortofon has been a pioneer in the field of Moving Coil cartridges, introducing oer 300 different models that showcase their commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology. Join us as we unravel the craftsmanship and innovation that go into producing every Ortofon Moving Coil cartridge.

Precision insertion of rocker spring

Assembly expertise

Each needle assembly showcases our expertise. We accommodate various needle types tailored to specific cartridges. The rivet and armature are assembled, followed by the addition and precision alignment of the cantilever with a diamond tip.

Finally, the carefully crafted retention wire with a flexing point is inserted and glued, laying the foundation for stability and accurate tracking.

Moving Coil Cartridges

Custom Winding Techniques

Winding is an art, and we master it. Each Moving Coil cartridge is a work of precision and dedication. Our winding processes vary, tailored to different armature and cartridge types. This precision ensures optimal signal capture and fidelity.

Under the watchful eye of skilled artisans, these coils are meticulously wound by
hand, with every turn of wire scrutinized under a microscope. This painstaking
process ensures that each coil is perfect, contributing to the exceptional
performance that audiophiles have come to expect from Ortofon.

Meticulous Pretension

Pole cylinder assembly

The assembly of the oscillating parts must now be secured to the stationary pole cylinder with the retention wire. In this process, extremely critical for the performance of the cartridge, a rubber suspension system must be mounted as an interface between the oscillating parts and the stationary parts of the cartridge.

The skilled operators use various weights to apply the exact needed pretension to the rubber suspension. Also of the highest importance is the chemical composition and production process of the rubber compounds. As we strive for perfection, our commitment extends to the development of rubber compounds, an exclusive task undertaken within our advanced in-house rubber production facility

Complete motor assembly

The motor is carefully assembled with the front yoke, magnet, and rear yoke, ensuring precise alignment of all parts before being mounted in the housing. Afterward, the terminal is added, connecting the coil wire.

Rigorous testing protocols

Quality is our hallmark. All MC cartridges undergo meticulous testing using our advanced test programs. Each unit is thoroughly evaluated to meet our stringent standards, guaranteeing a product of unparalleled quality and performance.