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The Concorde
MkII Series

Experience meets innovation

Since the very launch of the Concorde, we've remained attuned to your valuable feedback, using it to continuously refine both our processes and products. Step into a legacy where experience meets innovation. The Concorde MkII Series Collection isn't just a continuation; it's a celebration of how far we've come, and a promise of the incredible audio journey that lies ahead.

A groovy all-rounder

Concorde MkII MIX

The MIX is a general-purpose model for scratch
and back-cueing, provides great performance and durability.

A limitless experience

Concorde MkII Elite

Created with passion, high technology, and close attention to detail, every feature of the Concorde ELITE brings you a limitless experience with the music you love.

Tailored to simplify your choices

Find your perfect fit