Since 1918

Over a century
of sound innovation


The reference class tonearms

With over 130 redesigned components, the Reference tonearms are crafted with unparalleled mechanical precision and advanced engineering.

The skilled Ortofon artisans meticulously hand assemble, adjust, and review every component of each tonearm, ensuring unmatched quality and performance. This meticulous artisanship optimizes every aspect of the tonearm, capturing the subtle nuances of your music like never before.



Building upon a rich legacy that began when we launched the original Concorde, Concorde Music holds a storied history as one of the most famous cartridges in the world of audio. Developed by music lovers, for music lovers, the Concorde Music HiFi cartridges blend premium performance with an iconic design—a dedication to the profound impact music has on our lives, turning every listening session into a captivating journey.