Perfect entry-level cartridges for vinyl enthusiasts and DJs

the OM Series

The Optimum
Match cartridge

Discover the Ortofon Optimum Match (OM) cartridges, renowned for their exceptional value for money and perfect compatibility with most tonearms. Whether you’re an audiophile seeking the finest sound for HiFi listening or a DJ in need of robust and reliable performance, our OM cartridges offer the ideal solution.

Great entry-level choice for vinyl enthusiasts

OM for listening

For the value-conscious listener, our OM 5S, 5E ans Super OM 5E cartridges deliver reliable sound quality and performance. Perfect for use with standard headshells and cartridge mounts, they offer an easy and affordable upgrade to your turntable setup.

OM cartridges are also a great entry point for new vinyl lovers. Their widespread use on many turntables in the market speaks to their reliability and quality. There’s something reassuring about choosing a cartridge that is trusted by many and known for its consistent performance.

Reliable and durable for professional use

DJ Performance

For DJs, our OM PRO S, OM QBERT, and OM Scratch White cartridges are engineered to withstand the demands of live performance while providing consistent sound quality. They offer good tracking ability and durability, making them a dependable choice for professional DJs around the world.

Whether you’re mixing, scratching, or simply enjoying your favorite records, our DJ OM cartridges deliver reliable performance you can trust.