Capturing legacies

Portraits of
Ortofon pioneers

In our "Portraits" series, we pay homage to the individuals who have left an indelible mark on Ortofon's history. Through these captivating profiles, we invite you to journey through the lives and contributions of remarkable figures who have shaped our journey in the world of audio excellence.

In Memoriam

Per Windfeld

Step into the world of the legendary Per Windfeld, a titan in the realm of audio engineering. With more than three decades as the Chief Engineer, Per Windfeld's presence resonated deeply within the High-End culture. Join us as we delve into the interview that unveils his insights, inspirations, and profound influence on our R&D endeavors.

The SPU Maestro

Robert Gudmandsen

Meet the trailblazer behind Ortofon's monumental large pickup program – Robert Gudmandsen, fondly known as Mr. SPU. Embark on a journey through the story of this visionary, whose ingenuity and dedication birthed a legacy that continues to enrich the world of sound. Discover how his pioneering spirit ignited a revolution in audio technology.