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Explore the essential skills of DJing, from setting up your equipment to honing your techniques. Dive into Ortofon's DJ Tutorial videos, designed to elevate your DJing skills. Learn the intricacies of anti-skating, tonearm height adjustment, weight calibration, stylus replacement, and more, all in one comprehensive resource.

DJ tutorial

Adjust weight

Gain invaluable insights from turntable legend DJ Rafik as he guides you through the process of adjusting the weight on your turntable. Achieve precision and audio clarity with expert advice.

DJ tutorial

Antiskating & tonearm height

Skating, a common issue for turntables, forces the stylus inward, harming your vinyl. Uneven wear, stylus wear-and-tear, and playback distortion are its side effects. Anti-skating devices come to the rescue, restoring balance. DJ Rafik explains how to set up antiskating and tonearm height.

DJ tutorial

Stylus replacement and care

Changing the stylus on your cartridge is a quick and easy task. In this video, DJ Rafik demonstrates just how easily it can be done. Additionally, he will show you how to properly care for your stylus by using an Ortofon Stylus fiber brush. Simply run the brush along the cantilever in the direction of the stylus tip, always moving from the rear of the cartridge toward the stylus tip, and never from the stylus tip to the rear of the cartridge or from side to side.

DJ Tutorial

Is the stylus interchangeable?

Did you know that all our moving magnet cartridges come with interchangeable styli? While the diamond on the stylus may vary between different models, DJ cartridges often feature either a spherical or elliptical-shaped diamond on the stylus. But what exactly distinguishes a spherical stylus from an elliptical one? DJ ND has the answers.

Replace the finger lift

DJ ND demonstrates how to replace a broken finger lift on the Concorde MkII or change its color for a customized gear appearance.

DJ tutorial

How to fix one-Channel Output?

DJ ND shares his advice on how to diagnose and resolve one-channel output from your cartridge - including the rock 'n' roll way to get things fixed.

DJ tutorial

Straight-arm turntable

Can a Concorde cartridge be used on a straight-arm turntable? DJ ND explains how it works.