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The 2M series is built on our philosophy of accuracy in sound. All our experience, know-how, technology, and innovation have gone into making it the series that lets you hear the music the way the artist intended.

Replace with the Stylus 2M Blue

Discover next level authenticity

Once you have begun your quest for authenticity it is hard to stop, and this is a great step on the journey. The goal for any cartridge should be to reproduce the sound as close to the artists vision as possible, and the 2M Blue takes you further on this path of authenticity.

The full-diamond stylus is cut in an Elliptical shape, and when it hits the groove, it is like travelling through both space and time to the very moment the music was recorded. With the 2M Blue you get serious about listening to vinyl.

Unlock the extra potential

Nude Elliptical Stylus

The construction and shape of a stylus are critical factors in determining the quality of sound reproduction. Upgrading from a 2M Red with a Tipped Elliptical Stylus to a 2M Blue featuring a Nude Elliptical Stylus has a significant impact on the performance of the cartridge and your overall music experience.

The nude stylus is a diamond that is more advanced to produce. Its lower mass allows it to track more accurately and closely follow the grooves on the record, resulting in better sound quality and a more faithful representation of the original music. This combination brings you one step closer to experiencing the music as the artist intended you to hear it.

Upgrading your cartridge to a Stylus 2M Blue will unlock the extra potential of your turntable, and you can truly immerse yourself in your favorite records.

How do I upgrade?

Upgrading to a 2M Blue stylus is a simple process, thanks to the design of the 2M Series. Purchase a 2M Blue replacement stylus, remove the tip from your 2M Red cartridge, and replace it with your new stylus.

In this video, Leif Johannsen, Ortofon's Chief Officer of Acoustics and Research, takes you through the acclaimed Ortofon 2M series. Based on the original series consisting of the 2M Red, 2M Blue, 2M Bronze, and 2M Black, Leif Johanssen tells you all about our invented color-coding system, the characteristics of the individual models, and how easy it is to upgrade within the series.