Achieve precise cartridge alignment

Cartridge Alignment Tool

Ortofon Cartridge Alignment Tool – an updated standard version designed to elevate your turntable setup effortlessly. This user-friendly and budget-friendly tool is the perfect companion for achieving precise cartridge alignment, ensuring optimal tracking performance and accurate playback.

The Cartridge Alignment Tool standard version has been updated with user convenience in mind. Its straightforward design ensures an easy alignment process, making it accessible for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts.

With two zero points Baerwald alignment, this tool guarantees optimal tracking performance, allowing you to enjoy the full richness of your vinyl collection with accuracy and clarity.


For superior cartridge performance

How to use the
alignment tool

To ensure optimal performance of your turntable cartridge, it's important to learn how to effectively utilize our alignment tool. Mounting the cartridge is crucial for consistent playback quality across your records from the outer to the inner grooves.

Proper alignment is necessary for maintaining even playback quality, and our alignment tool makes this process simple. You can achieve precise alignment effortlessly by following these clear instructions.

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