Ortofon Record stabilizer - Black - 240 g

Record stabilizer

The Ortofon Record Stabilizer is offered in two versions: Standard and Heavy, meticulously designed to seamlessly complement a variety of turntables. Completely reengineered, these stabilizers boast an elegant aesthetic and user-friendly functionality. No preparations are needed; simply place the stabilizer on the record before playback to experience improved playback with reduced vibration.

Crafted with precision, the Ortofon Record Stabilizer comes in a premium satin matte anodized finish, available in Silver or Black, featuring the distinctive Ortofon textured wave-grip. The Standard version is ideal for entry-level and sub-chassis turntables, made from aluminum with a smooth felt underside.

Enhance your vinyl listening experience effortlessly with the Ortofon Record Stabilizer, where form meets function for optimal sound performance.


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