A comprehensive guide

How to use
the alignment tool

To ensure optimal performance of your turntable cartridge, it's important to learn how to effectively utilize our alignment tool. Mounting the cartridge is crucial for consistent playback quality across your records from the outer to the inner grooves.

Initial placement
of the cartridge

Our alignment tool features two distinct points in the middle, as illustrated in the accompanying image. These points are vital for accurate alignment and optimal sound quality.

Begin by positioning your cartridge in the middle of the slider holes on the headshell. This serves as a starting point. Once set, use the alignment tool to verify the alignment and make necessary adjustments.

Placing the
Alignment tool

Carefully place the alignment tool on the record surface. Lift the tonearm and cartridge then gently lower the needle onto the two designated points on the tool, one after the other.

Examine the cantilever, the part connecting the needle to the cartridge body, ensuring it is parallel to the reference line marked on the tool. Handle the needle with utmost care during this process.

the alignment

Bend down slightly to accurately assess the alignment. If the cantilever is not parallel to the reference line on the tool, adjust the cartridge's position on the headshell accordingly.

Small adjustments can significantly impact playback quality.

Achieve optimal sound quality

Do you need more help
with your setup?

We understand the profound love of listening to vinyl and recognize that the cartridge plays a crucial role in delivering an exceptional audio experience.

Leif Johanssen, Ortofon's esteemed Chief Officer of Acoustics and Research, guides us through the process of setting up, aligning, and enhancing the performance of Hi-Fi cartridges. Uncover the secrets to achieving optimal sound quality and uninterrupted musical bliss.

Verifying the
next position

Shift the alignment tool slightly to align the needle with the next point on the tool. Recheck the cantilever alignment, making further adjustments if necessary.

Continue adjusting the cartridge's position on the headshell until the cantilever is perfectly parallel to the reference line at both points on the alignment tool. This meticulous alignment ensures uniform stylus contact with the record grooves, delivering an exceptional listening experience.