3 tips to set up your turntable & cartridge for DJ use

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, getting
your set up right is crucial for achieving the best sound quality and tracking.
As a phono cartridges specialist, Ortofon walks you through the 3 essential
steps to ensure that your cartridge and turntable are perfectly configured for
seamless DJing.

1. Anti-Skating adjustment on your turntable

Anti-skating is a critical factor in ensuring that your stylus follows the record groove accurately, especially during backcueing and scratching. For DJ use, it's recommended to set the anti-skating to '0' to allow for optimal stylus movement in all directions. However, some DJs may prefer setting the anti-skating at half the value of the tracking weight, as it's a matter of personal preference. Experimentation is key to finding the setting that suits your style and needs.

2. Tonearm height adjustment on your turntable

To achieve the best sound quality and tracking, it's important to adjust the tonearm height so that it is parallel to the record during playback. This adjustment may vary depending on factors such as the type of cartridge, headshell, turntable, and slipmat thickness. Fine-tuning the tonearm height ensures that the stylus maintains proper contact with the record surface, minimizing tracking errors.

DMC World champion DJ Rafik explains you more about anti-skating & tonearm height adjustment in this exclusive tutorial.

3. Weight setup for your Ortofon cartridge

Correctly setting the tracking force or weight of your cartridge is crucial for preventing skipping, ensuring sound quality, and preserving your vinyl collection. Following the manufacturer's guidelines, adjust the weight so that the cartridge hovers just above the platter without making contact. Then, lock the tonearm in its rest position and usethe adjustment dial to set the weight to the desired value within the specified Tracking Force Range. For DJs using Concordes MKII, VNL, and OM, a recommended weight range of 3-3.5g is suggested by DJ ND, but personal preferences play a significant role in this setting.


By carefully following these steps, you can achieve the perfect setup for your Ortofon cartridge and turntable, ensuring optimal performance during your DJ sets. Remember, experimentation and fine-tuning are essential to tailor the setup to your specific preferences and equipment.
With your turntable and cartridge perfectly configured, you're ready to rock the show and deliver an unforgettable musical experience to your audience.

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Happy listening!