AS-309R Tonearm

High precision,
advanced engineering

True to the legacy


Since 1953, Ortofon has been designing tonearms with the philosophy of combining craftsmanship and technology.

All parts and every component of the tonearms have been upgraded with material meticulously chosen to minimize unwanted vibration and distortion, ensuring crisp clear, and accurate sound. Careful attention to precision and durability of every part and assembly in both models ensures lasting durability for years to come.

The AS-309R is a 12 inch tonearm.


Unmatched quality and performance

/Precision engineering
and hand assembly

With over 130 redesigned components the Reference tonearms are crafted with unparalleled mechanical precision and advanced engineering.

Our skilled artisans meticulously hand assemble, adjust, and review every component of each tonearm, ensuring unmatched quality and performance. This meticulous artisanship optimizes every aspect of the tonearm, capturing the subtle nuances of your music like never before.

A step-by-step tutorial series

How to setup
your tonearm

Explore the steps of tonearm setup with our Ortofon AS-212S Reference tonearm. Whether you're an audiophile or new to vinyl, mastering tonearm adjustment is crucial for optimal audio performance.

Made to meet to your specific needs


The Reference Tonearm is a highly versatile accessory designed to cater to the needs of many turntable owners. It is available in two lengths, 9 and 12 inches, and can be adjusted in height to fit a wide range of turntable models. The tonearm is a great option for vinyl lovers who wish to change between different setups. It is equipped with a universal connector made of brass, making it easy to match and connect with cartridges mounted on different headshells, offering maximum flexibility and compatibility with your existing setup.

Each tonearm comes with the premium Ortofon 6NX-TSW-1010 Tonearm cable and includes two counterweight options, allowing it to fit a wide range of cartridges from the Ortofon Concorde Series to the SPU Series, including all cartridges mounted on a suitable headshell, providing adaptability and versatility to meet your specific needs.

User-friendly design

User match

Based on well-known Ortofon technology, the tonearm is designed to be simple to install and operate with intuitive controls that make it easy to adjust settings and achieve the perfect sound.

The tonearm is statically balanced, simplifying needle pressure adjustment by setting the weight and an easy-to-set anti-skating feature. Furthermore, the tonearm is built to fulfill Baerwald alignment, resulting in minimum tracking error.

The 5-pol DIN tonearm socket ensures you can use a broad range of tonearm cables, making the Reference Tonearm even more versatile and user-friendly.

The AS-309R is a 12-inch tonearm and is also available in 9 inches: the AS-212R. 

Exceptional sound quality

The Ortofon AS-309R is very well-made and easy to set up ... This applies equally to its sound; it doesn't impose its own character, allowing the advantages of the cartridges to shine through. If you stick within the Ortofon ecosystem with the LH-10000 headshell paired with a matching cartridge, such as an SPU or a Concorde, you don't even need to worry about overhang; it's plug-and-play in high-end spheres. However, the most compelling aspect of the 309R is Ortofon's pricing: where else can you find such exceptional sound quality for the money?

Dirk Sommer

HiFi Statement

There's no better way to indulge in analog passion

It (AS-309R, red.) was approached from a more relaxed audiophile perspective, sounded slightly more sonorous and more harmonious, thus taking a more mature, even downright enlightened position overall, although and especially in the furious finale of the track, the impulses were flying.
… the long arm (AS-309R, red.) also left nothing to be desired but created more space between the musicians and the audience, thus providing a genuine alternative to the common nine-inch version in Ortofon's R-Duo.

Matthias Böde

STEREO 5/2024

There's no better way to indulge in analog passion

Which arm (AS-212R or AS-309R, - Red.) you ultimately prefer - only a few vinyl listeners will even have the opportunity to mount a twelve-inch arm - will depend not least on your personal taste and preferred music styles.
Or you can (…) and treat yourself to both arms with selected cartridges. There's no better way to indulge in analog passion.


  • Cartridge weight
    18 to 26 g./26 to 38 g. (standard weight, including shell/heavy weight, including shell)
  • Mounting distance
    311 mm
  • Effective length
    323,5 mm
  • Overhang
  • Offset angle
  • Arm shaft diameter
    18 mm
  • Recommended arm shaft hole diameter
  • Tonearm weight
    680g/730 g. standard weight/heavy weight
  • Height above mounting surface
    59 – 79 mm (up to top of the tonearm)
  • Counterweight radial clearance
    85 mm for standard weight; 93mm for heavy weight (measured from pivot point)
  • Distance from the mounting surface to the top of the platter
    20 – 48 mm.
  • Effective arm mass
    11 g.

Incredible sound

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