Please note

Due to the upcoming industrial summer holiday, you may experience up to three weeks of additional processing time beyond the standard four weeks from receiving the defective cartridge for your order.

Special repair service for REPAIR MONO CG 25 DI MKII

1. Terms and conditions for repair service

1.1. The customer explicitly agrees that this is not a warranty issue.
1.2. The customer understands and accepts that this is a repair of an existing product and therefore scratches or small pressure marks on the repaired product may occur.
1.3. Ortofon warrants that that the quality and specifications of the repaired product will match that of a new product, however, it cannot be guaranteed that same exact sound is achieved after repair.

2. Cartridge repair process

2.1. Upon receipt we open the defective cartridge, detach the motor unit from the body, scrap off all glue etc.
2.2. A new motor will be installed. A new diamond and cantilever will be mounted. Repaired cartridge is in fact a new product with a new motor.
2.3. Finally the cartridge will be cleaned and tested.
2.4. The test results will be provided along the repaired cartridge.

3. Delivery time

Ortofon targets to provide the service within four weeks after receipt of the defective cartridge.

4. Returning cartridges for repair

4.1. Defective cartridges should be sent to Ortofon as a registered letter or by a courier (UPS, DHL or similar service) to provide the traceability of the consignment.

Ref.: Repair order no. xxxx
Stavangervej 9
DK-4900 Nakskov
NB: Please print out the Ortofon's electronic Order confirmation and attach the parcel.

4.2. The defective cartridge must be securely packaged when shipped to Ortofon factory, for instance the original packaging or a MC cylinder packaging has to be applied. Cartridge has to be secured by means of its mounting screws.
4.3. Stylus protection guard has to be applied.
4.4. If the original cartridge packing is missing we recommend use a small and sturdy box. Do not add the package any loose accessories (stylus brush, screwdriver or similar), that could damage the cartridge during transport. Any broken-off cartridge components can be included in a small plastic box. To further minimize damage during transport, fill the container with sufficient padding material.

5. Warranty

Special repair services for MC cartridges are backed by Ortofon, with a full warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.