A new generation of Ortofon Reference Speaker cables, designed and manufactured by Ortofon Japan

Ortofon Reference SPK Blue

Reference SPK-Blue Speaker cable

The Reference SPK Blue is a perfect combination of HiFC (High performance pure copper) and silver-plated copper wires conductors. The combination may seem unusual, but the result is a dynamic, and the high-resolution cable reveals detailed reproduction throughout the spectrum.

This cable is ideal for a listener who prefers two single cables for his bi-amping set-up. The advantage of this set-up is that the shield can be connected to each amp and therefore doesn't mix up the ground potentials on the two separated amps.



  • Conductor material
    High performance pure copper (HiFC), silver plated copper wire
  • Cable length
    50 m/roll
  • Cable diameter
    8.0 mm

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