Ortofon LH-6000 headshell


The LH-6000 is a high quality headshell recommended for the MC Windfeld Ti and the Cadenza Series. Its rounded front portion facilitates proper mounting and compliments each of these cartridges.

Knowing the fundamental headshell dimensions will, in a lot of cases, make it easier to mount and align the cartridge and tonearm correctly. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see the headshells mounting dimensions chart.


The LH-6000 comes with leadwires for easy and convenient connection

All Ortofon cartridges have a color coding of the terminals, indicating red and green for right channel, respectively hot and ground terminal. White and blue for left channel, respectively hot and ground terminal. Green terminal will always be used for grounding the cartridge housings or motor-system whenever connected inside the cartridge. We recommend to connect lead wires to the cartridge and headshell before mounting the cartridge on the headshell. Please remember correct orientation of the leads. Ortofon cartridges' terminal PINs diameter is 1.2 mm, while Ortofon headshells' PINs diameter is only 1.0 mm. 

A - Headshell length

B - Headshell width

C - Mounting distance max.

D - Mounting distance min.

E - Screw diameter max.


  • Mounting distance
    36.6 mm - 42.4 mm
  • Headshell material
  • Weight without screws
    13.5 grams
  • Headshell length
    47.5 mm
  • Headshell width
    19.1 mm

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