Historical Product

Ortofon TA-110 9"
static-balance tonearm

The TA-110 has gone to the next level by reducing unwanted vibrations in the tonearm. Ortofon's material know-how is the first area of the Ortofon technology that was applied when developing the TA-110. As a specialist in technical rubber, Ortofon used one of its special rubber compounds when creating the specially shaped rubber with high vibration dampening properties. The rubber pieces are produced at the Ortofon technical rubber facilities in Nakskov.


• TA-110 is a static balance gimbal type arm, easy to use, and adjust for optimal VTF settings.

• TA-110 has a standard 5-pin DIN connector for tonearm cable.

• The tonearm geometry allows for a Baerwald alignment (also the IEC recommendations).

• Inner scale to be applied with main counterweight.

• Outer scale to be applied when extra mass ring is added.

• Counterweight will work with headshell+cartridge mass approximately in the range 20 to 28g

• TA-110 is fitted with a standard headshell connector and can easily be adjusted in accordance with the included mounting template.

• Extra mass ring for heavier cartridge and headshell combinations included.

• Extra mass ring weight 45 g.

For heavier cartridge-and-headshell combinations, e.g., SPU cartridges

Extra mass ring

The extra mass ring may need to be attached to achieve proper tracking force. The counterweight should be attached onto the rear of the tonearm with the inner number scale facing forward. If the extra mass ring is needed, it must be installed prior to attaching the counterweight to the tonearm.

The extra mass ring should be installed on the back of the counterweight and may need to be twisted slightly to facilitate the installation. Ensure that the extra mass ring fits tightly to the thick part of the counterweight.


The TA-110 can ideally be combined with the MC Windfeld TiMC A95MC Cadenza Series, SPU Series and the Ortofon Xpression phono cartridges.

For SPU Series the extra mass ring may need to be attached to achieve proper tracking force. The combination of Xpression, the ST-80 SE Moving Coil transformer and TA-110 gives a supreme experience!

Great benefits for the discerning analog user

The TA-110 is a product with great benefits for the discerning analog user. The TA-110 is given a precision machined slit in the middle of the aluminium tube. A piece of Ortofon's special vibration damping rubber is inserted into the slit.

An armtube without slit and rubber damper is symmetrical in a vertical and lateral plane with respect to vibrations. The slit breaks this symmetry, and mounting the rubber insert gives the desired damping. The effect of the rubber damping properties in Ortofon TA-110 is a lot less stressed armtube than a conventional armtube.

Review quotes TA-110

The Absolute Sound November 2016
Buyer's guide

"Ortofon's TA-110 tonearm is an outstanding value. This statically balanced, gimbal-type arm uses a Baerwald-style armtube, Ortofon's highest-quality bearings, and a detachable headshell, and includes a vary good, 6N, high purity copper cable ...

What the TA-110 does, it does very well. Utilizing its experience in vibration analysis, Ortofon injects rubber into a slit in the armtube, dampening resonances and yielding an arm with remarkable transparency, low coloration, and precise, natural soundstaging..."

TA-110 Vibration measurement

The armtube was mounted on the Brüel & Kjær Mini Shaker 4810, which was fed with a wideband pink noise signal. The vibration level was measured with a miniature Brüel & Kjær Accelerometer 4374 and a spectrum analyzer set to 1/3-octave resolution.

When taking the measurement uncertainty into consideration, the two armtubes show almost equal vibration levels, apart from the interval 1kHz to 4kHz (upper midrange/lower treble).

As it is well known from the Fletcher-Munson curves, this is the interval where the ear is most sensitive, and this interval is also very important for a high quality music reproduction.

The effect of the rubber damping properties is evident from the Vibration Measurement chart.

TA-110 Technical data

  • Effective mass without headshell: 3.5 g
  • Mass of supplied headshell: 15.5 g
  • Effective armlength (distance between the stylus and pivot point): 231.0 mm
  • Mounting distance (distance between the pivot point and turntable center): 213.0 mm
  • Offset angle: 23.9 degrees
  • Overhang: 18.0 mm
  • Tracking force adjusting range direct reading: 0-3 g
  • Tracking force adjusting range with extra mass ring mounted: 0-4 g
  • Height adjustment range: 35-55 mm
  • Diameter of the armbase mounting hole: 19-20 mm
  • Diameter of the center shaft of tonearm: 18.0 mm
  • Inner null point: 66 mm
  • Outer null point: 120.9 mm
  • Counterweight for cartridge + headshell mass between 21 and 28 g included
  • Headshell LH-2000E included, weight: 15.5 g
  • TA-110 total weight including headshell: 470 g
  • Set of tonearm cables 6NX-TSW-1010 included
  • Extra mass ring for heavier cartridges included, weight 45 g

                                  Download TA-110 User Guide here