Stylus care

Ortofon does not recommend the use of solvents of any kind for cleaning of either the record surface or stylus. If necessary, records may be washed in lukewarm demineralized water with a dash of sulphonic soap. Remove dust carefully from record surfaces by using a fine antistatic brush or cloth before every use.

The use of solvents on the stylus and cantilever may damage stylus cement; interior parts of the cartridge can be affected seriously by the intrusion of solvents. The Ortofon Aftersales will not be valid in cases where such treatment has caused malfunction.

For cleaning the stylus, use the enclosed fiber brush a few times along the cantilever in the direction of the stylus whenever you play a new record or change sides.

Record care should also be performed regularly and is of paramount importance to prolong the life and condition of the stylus. Because of this, a record cleaning machine may be considered for ease and quality of record cleaning.

Stylus protection guard

The stylus guard provided for the MC A95 is designed to be easily replaced and removed without risking contact to the fragile stylus assembly.

To avoid accidental damage to the stylus or cantilever please mount the enclosed stylus guard onto the cartridge whenever the cartridge is not in use. The stylus guard should also be attached during mounting or removal of the cartridge.

As illustrated by the below drawing, the stylus guard is easily removed by grasping the sides using the thumb and forefinger, tilting down, and pulling straight along the orientation of the cartridge. Affixing the stylus guard is of course accomplished by the reverse movement: hold the stylus guard obliquely, push it into place, and tilt it up as indicated by the arrows.