Historical product

SB-2 Stroboscope

  • Includes a stroboscope disc and a stroboscope.
  • Is an essential precision tool kit to precisely fine tune the speed of a turntable's rotation for listening to vinyl.
  • The SB-2 can be used with any turntable where you can adjust the speed by moving an external motor or with a speed box that allows for fine tuning.

How to use:

Simply place the stroboscope disc on your turntable, turn on the motor, and fine tune the speed whie shining the stroboscopes light onto the stroboscope disc for an indication of when the speed is correct. Three rings with line markings on the stroboscope disc are for fine tuning, respectively 33 rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm. When the line marking is steady and does not move then the speed is correct.

* If the stroboscope disc is used together with a stroboscope flashing at 50Hz, then use the dotted markings as a reference.