The Fields Stabilising Element

The magnet configuration that graces the A90 takes its inspiration from the acclaimed MC Windfeld, known throughout the world for its remarkably neutral and honest character. This superb generator system is not only lighter and more compact, but throughthe Field Stabilising Element (FSE) it can ensure that the force field remains stable regardless of movements of the armature The FSE consists of a small cylinder of silver-plated copper placed inside of the magnetic system. Sonically, the FSE has substantial benefits in particular by reducing the dynamic distortion and the intermodulation to an absolute minimum. The FSE plays a tremendous part in the remarkable dynamics of the A90 by ensuring that every detail will be delivered with striking accuracy and plenty of space between each instrument in the recording. This simply results in more drama and a greater breadth, height, and depth of the sound and stereo image.

Wide Range Damping system

Adding to the list of important components is Ortofon’s Wide Range Damping system (WRD). In this system, a small, heavy platinum disc is sandwiched between two rubber absorbers, both with different properties. This not only ensures that an exceptional tracking performance is maintained but also ensures perfect damping through the entire frequency spectrum. Because of this, the distortion and resonance are virtually eliminated entirely. The WRD system, which was originally introduced in the MC 30 in 1979 and was also used in the MC Windfeld and many of Ortofon’s other top-tier cartridges, is one significant reason why the MC A90 tracks a fantastic 100 µm at a vertical tracking force of 2.3 grams while simultaneously achieving the most linear frequency response and the highest upper frequency limit ever.