The Ortofon MC A90 made history

The Ortofon MC A90 - a world class moving coil cartridge carries with it the culmination of decades of research in the field of analog sound reproduction along with the world's best engineering, materials, and manufacturing techniques.

The MC A90 not only celebrated the 90th anniversary of Ortofon, but first and foremost it also made history by significantly raising the standard by which sound reproduction is measured. Those who choose to adopt the A90 will experience the lifelike, open sound, with exceedingly clear midrange for a presentation that is unparalleled. The MC A90 remains extremely musical while paying close attention to micro dynamic detail, with its delicate but also analytical nature. Music lovers will take note of a truly organic and encapsulating experience that transcends the limits of recording and undeniably blurs the distinction between what is live and what is recorded.

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