The DJ School Book

Released for the first time in English!

Based on the author's decades of professional experience, the long-standing and continuing success of this unique book is due in no small part to its highly practical content, including exercises to practice DJ Skills and the guide to a successful DJ career. The readers of the book will realize that it takes more than just two turntables, a DJ controller, a mixer, a laptop, and 150 tracks to perform as a DJ. Even practice at home and plenty of time spent spying on the "professionals" cannot guarantee a career as a DJ. 

DJ ABC - don't miss it if you want to be a successful DJ

Based on his 30 years of experience as a professional DJ, author Dirk Duske delivers the proof in this unique teaching manual. The detailed descriptions he provides cover factors such as why certain DJs acquire fame and which psychological parameters are important in this process.

He also gives full and frank answers to previously unresolved questions such as: What do DJs earn? How do DJs get their first gigs, and what's the best way of creating a dramatic narrative within a set? Readers are given exclusive access to a constantly updated and expanding online library containing screenshots from the book, helpful links, and audio and video examples.

Readers will find chapters on the following topics, among others:

  • How DJ culture emerged
  • Tips on which DJ equipment to buy and how it is operated
  • Mixing, cutting, scratching, and beat juggling, along with exercises.
  • A guide on how to launch and build a successful DJ career
  • Specifics of various events
  • Business, marketing and producing