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The importance of
a good step-up

A step-up Transformer is essential when using low-output moving coil (MC) cartridges. Understand the importance of step-up devices, explore various options, and get help choosing the right one for your setup. Ortofon Step Up Transformers offer compatibility with most Moving Coil cartridges and transformers will enhance the performance of any low output, low impedance MC cartridge.

Sound Quality
and Sonic Character

Step-Up Transformers (SUT) are a serious option for anyone who owns a Moving Coil cartridge, one that can significantly improve both the sound quality and sonic character. Quite simply, a good transformer is the best way to audition an MC cartridge with the highest performance possible. Since the output of MC cartridges is lower than that of a Moving Magnet, higher gain is required to utilize them, such as that provided by SUTs or MC phono preamplifiers. Although both devices provide this requirement, both are fundamentally different in function and in sonic character.

Step-Up Transformer vs. Phono Preamplifiers

Advantages of
Step-Up Transformers

SUTs are frequently seen as superior due to their construction; they are completely passive and offer exceptional noise performance and sound quality. The structure of harmonic and intermodulation distortion is fundamentally different between MC preamps and SUTs. While an MC preamps has a constant resistive input impedance, a SUT has an input impedance that is frequency dependent. The harmonic distortion produced by SUTs is highest at the lowest frequencies and drops as the frequency rises, whereas, in most MC preamps, the distortion increases as the frequency rises. Combined with significantly lower Intermodulation Distortion (IMD), the sound produced with a SUT will be much more open, dynamic, spacious, and natural.

  • ST-80 SE transformer

    A detailed reproduction with a touch of warmth

  • ST-70 MC transformer

    Offering two gain/impedance options

  • ST-7 transformer

    A perfect interface between MC Quintet Series and tonearms

  • ST M25 MC transformer

    Designed exclusively for the SPU Mono CG Di models