Meet DJ Mosaken, international DJ, member of the Juicy Crew aka the biggest urban promoters in Austria

This month DJ ND flew to Vienna to meet DJ Mosaken

"...I’m living the dream. I turned my hobby into my job. My wishes turned into reality..." - enjoy this amazing interview with DJ Mosaken and get inspired. 

Interviewed by DJ ND

DJ ND:DJ, entertainer, pizza lover? What should we add to describe your world to the Ortofon fans?-

I’m fine with any name. Seriously, I’m living the dream. I turned my hobby into my job. Everything i wished for turned into reality. When I was a kid, I used my parents’ v8 camera and made little sketch videos and stop motion clips with my Lego figures. Back then, everybody told me I was going to be an entertainer someday. Later, I used our double cassette player to try to mix songs together. Music always fascinated me. I do love pizza a lot. And I'm in a great position where I can do whatever I want. So, I try to do new things…take risks… have fun with it. One of the ideas I had to do was “pizza & rap”: a hip-hop party where you can eat pizza all night

.DJ ND:More seriously, you started DJing back in the 90’s, when vinyl was the only option to be recognized in the game. Is the vinyl culture still important for you?-

I started out with vinyl back in the 90ies. I bought many of my records which I still have at Amoeba records in Berkeley, California where I used to spend my summers visiting my family. I always loved vinyl and I spent a fortune on black gold. I still buy a lot of albums that I think are timeless on vinyl.

DJ ND: What about your record collection? Are you a real wax addict?

- I have a really great Michael Jackson collection and I try to own every Michael Jackson vinyl ever released. His Thriller albums I had 15 times. I also collected Prince, Bobby Brown and New Edition. I've also been blessed in terms of meeting my idols. I have a collection of autographed vinyls: Chaka Khan's "aint nobody" record, Bobby Brown, “Parliament” album signed by George Clinton... the list goes on... 

DJ ND: In your bio, we read that somehow you «knew that you would become an entertainer». Why becoming DJ?

- That's just how it went. I also used to rap back in high school but that wasn’t for me. DJing always fascinated me. Playing new songs to people is something that I always had in my blood. Which is one of the most important skills for a good DJ. I've always run up to my friends or my brother with new songs and tried to convince them this would be a next hit. Still today, I try to be ahead. I did school parties, after that the first clubs. I would have done everything for free. And that’s how I became a DJ.

DJ ND: Are good DJs entertainers? Where do you find your inspiration?

- Good DJs are entertainers. DJing looks easy but it’s a tough job. Especially at the beginning, playing in front of 50 people 8 hours sets. Doing a prepared 45 min slot at a festival now is cool, but it started somewhere else and I'm proud of that.
I get my inspiration from everywhere: art, food, music, movies, books, memes from the Internet...

DJ ND: Humor is important for you (check his Instagram for a laugh). Is that part of your «mission statement» as a DJ?

- Not only. It’s my life's mission statement. Don’t take life too serious. You can’t control everything. It will be over soon. Try to laugh a lot, have fun and enjoy the ride.

What is your definition of good DJing?

- Controlling the crowd, playing great music, having fun. Don’t be too cocky…even if you know you are the better DJ… In the end you are just a DJ... You didn’t invent electricity…You are not Elvis Presley!

DJ ND: You’re a part of the Shadyville DJs? How did the collaboration start?

- Been a long time ago.... I got to know Akio from Shadyville DJs. The rest is history. 


DJ ND:You build up your career the classical way with parties, mixtapes, events but most all with hard work and passion for music. Is that the secret to break through?

There is no only one road to success. Mine were mixtapes, parties... being consistent. But I don’t really have a “secret-to-break-through” tip. I just can give you one advice: if you are really consistent and really want it, you will make it no matter what. Don’t give up... stick to it! it might take longer for you than for others, but in the end talent & love will always win. That’s what I believe in and this tip goes for anything you wanna do.

DJ ND:Short Q&A’s:

- Turntable or CDJ? If the turntables are in top shape and there is no vibration…turntables is the winner. In some clubs these days they bring you fucked up old Technics which haven’t seen a good service in years. I was the first guy to use Serato in Austria with turntables... back in the days people used to say it’s not real DJing and save vinyl, etc. There was even a petition on the internet... real DJs use vinyl etc. We all know how things turned out.

DJ ND: Dre or Drake? - Drake

DJ ND: DJ or entertainer? - Both

DJ ND: Pizza or scratching? - Pizza

DJ ND: What are the next steps and what are you working on nowadays?

- Working on some secret stuff. Venture out. I wanna do something in the food business. I want to have even more fun. Travel more. Stay healthy. Eat great food and not get too fat. Play some good music in between.

DJ ND: Last word for the Ortofon community...

- I always forget equipment, cables, dicers, headphones, USB sticks, my Ortofon Concordes at the club. Don't do that... be better than me! Make a check list and also be concentrated when you pack your stuff at the end of the night. This will save you lot of $$$.
Also, thanks for reading this!