Meeting DJ Michelle

Professional DJ, book author, and “internet phenomenon”

She has been noticed worldwide, and even Alicia Keys commented on her work on the socials. On her fifth birthday, DJ Michelle told her father that she had decided to become a 'world-famous DJ'.

DJ ND: Hi Michelle & Shock! How about you both start by introducing each other to the Ortofon fans?

- DJ Michelle: How could anyone introduce the best dad and my DJ hero? I'm so happy and lucky to call him MY dad! - DJ Shock: - Ten-year-old little genius! The coolest kid on the block! I can go on and on describing her, but I couldn't be more proud of her than I am.  

DJ ND: Shock, when did you start as a DJ, and how did Michelle get involved in the story?

- DJ Shock: I started DJing when I was still in middle school, in the early '90s, throwing school parties and small gatherings in my neighborhood. As for Michelle, we discovered her interest in music from her very first days. When she learned how to stand on her own feet, she was always beside me, keenly listening to the scratching sounds while I was practicing, pressing all the colorful buttons on the equipment, and trying to copy my moves.

Finally, on her fifth birthday, she told me she decided to become a 'world-famous DJ' - those were her words! Back then, we didn't take it seriously. One day, one of our relatives fulfilled her wish by buying her a controller for her birthday. And this is how it started. The rest is history!

DJ ND: In addition to the family bond that links you, you have a shared passion. Do you plan practice sessions together, think about routines and content, or is it more just "fun"? How does it work in everyday life?

- DJ Shock: Of course, DJing is always fun for us. We mostly come up with a routine and content ideas while practicing.

DJ ND: Michelle, You are one of the faces of this new generation of young turntablists and DJs who are getting a lot of exposure on the DJ scene. How do you experience this? What advice would you give to the young people of your generation who want to get started?

- DJ Michelle: Actually, I really like being at the center of attention and making people happy with my music. My advice to people of the young generation is never to give up, always follow your dreams, believe in yourself, and remember that nothing is impossible.

DJ ND: Shock, you're both a father and a mentor for Michelle. Through your videos, we can see that you share much more than just advice on scratch combos. You also let Michelle discover the vinyl culture and musical knowledge. Is it important for you to educate the younger generation on the musical legacy?

- DJ Shock: Michelle herself was always interested in the history of music. We often watch documentaries about the greatest musicians, listen to DJ live sets, and watch DJ battles together. I also share my vinyl records collection with her, educating her on different music genres. Of course, I think the younger generations should be familiar with not only modern but old-school music as well. 

DJ ND: So, who are your heroes as DJs?

- DJ Michelle: Of course, my first ever DJ hero is my dad, but I also have other DJs that inspire me a lot - DJ Q*Bert, Craze, A-Trak, and DJ Rob Swift.

DJ ND: What is your favorite setup?

- DJ Michelle: For now, we are using Rane Twelves and the Rane Seventy-two MKII mixer, but we also love scratching on vinyl and experimenting with different setups.

DJ ND: What's your favorite discipline? Mixing, scratching, beat juggling?

- DJ Michelle: We love all disciplines, but our favorite is scratching!

DJ ND: Michelle, what's your father's biggest asset as a DJ? 

- DJ Michelle: My dad's knowledge of music is ginormous! I would like to know as much as he does one day - it's really crazy.

DJ ND: Shock, what's Michelle's biggest talent?

- DJ Shock: Michelle's biggest talent is being talented in everything she does! She can master difficult skills and techniques in the shortest possible time, and she doesn't need much practice to perfect something. She is gifted.

DJ ND: You are based in the UAE. How's the DJ scene there? Are there a lot of opportunities for DJs?

- DJ Shock: Yes, Dubai is a remarkable city. Events happen not only on weekends but every day of the week, giving DJs and musicians many opportunities.