Our congratulations to DJ BARRET, the newly crowned Ortofon Scratch Nerds World Battle 2020 Champion!

Not less than 125 DJs from all over the world entered the Ortofon VNL Skratch Nerds World Battle 2020 - a clear sign that turntablism and scratching in particular are still alive. We are happy to announce the undisputed Champion of the Skratch Nerds World Battle - a super talented turntablist from Spain DJ BARRET! DJ ND had a chance to e-meet DJ BARRET for a short talk.

DJ ND: How does it feel to be the new Ortofon World Champion?

- Well, the truth is that I still can’t believe what’s happening to me ... It has been incredible, I am very happy, especially for all the support and messages that I have received in recent days. I am very grateful, and for me this is a true honor. I’m grabbing the opportunity to thank all the people involved in this.

DJ ND: The level was very high this year. What do you think about the competition in general?

- It has been crazy. It was full of scratch nerds. When I saw the list of participants, I knew that this edition was going to be epic. Starting from the second round, it was full of DJs who are references for me. I have seen their videos thousands of times during the last years. That's why all this means a lot to me.

DJ ND: How did you prepare? What does your practice planning look like?

- The truth is that last year, I was focused on this battle. In the previous edition, I learned a lot and I wanted to challenge myself again. I usually practice daily even if there are no competitions. I love spending hours scratching. And I'll keep doing it while I can.

DJ ND: What do you think about the Ortofon loopers? Which one was your favorite?

- They are very dope! It is difficult to choose, but I think I would choose part 2. The work to gather the beats and the work of the producers has been incredible.

DJ ND: We saw some DJs-teens participated this year. What would be your message to them?

- I recommend that they enjoy the learning process. With patience and passion, they will achieve very good results. They already have an incredible technique, and in a few years we will see very talented DJs.

DJ ND: Once the pandemic is under control, would you visit us for a live session?

- Of course! I hope it can be soon, I'm looking forward to it, one of the things that I miss the most is being able to meet other DJs. We all want the situation to end now.

We look forward to future collaboration with DJ Barret.

Hardcore Scratch performance!

DJ BARRET's weapon of choice - Concorde MkII SCRATCH. Enjoy!