Historical product

Ortofon AS-212S 9"
static-balance tonearm

Ortofon’s AS series static-balance tonearms feature high quality materials and construction, combined with a nod to analog’s past, for precise sound reproduction combined with a modern-vintage aesthetic.

The AS Series tonearms can be used for a wide array of cartridges, featuring anti-skating control.

Please note: The AS-212S, AS-309S, RS-212D, and RS-309D tonearms have a Japanese geometry, which will not directly fit the normal Baerwald alignment. Baerwald alignment has a zero tracking angle error at 66 mm and 120.9 mm distance from the center of the platter.

Please read our recommendations for alignment of RS and AS tonearm models here.

AS-212S 9" tonearm Technical data

Effective mass (without headshell): 3.5 g
Effective length (distance between the stylus and pivot point): 231mm
Mounting distance between the pivot point and turntable center): 216mm
Offset angle: 22 degrees
Overhang: 15mm
Inner null point: 58,5 mm
Outer null point: 114,5 mm

Tracking force adjusting range ( direct reading)  - 0 to 5g
Height adjustment range  - 35mm to 55mm
Diameter of the armbase mounting hole  -  19mm to 20mm
Diameter of center shaft  - 18mm  

Download the AS-212S 9" Userguide here
Download AS-212S / AS-309S Mounting template here